Pet Loss Gift Australia

Pet Loss Gifts Australia

Pet loss gifts Australia | The loss of a pet is beyond words and nothing will make it better but our pet loss gifts Australia can bring some form of comfort.

We are an Australian brand offering a range of personalised pet photo cushions & pillows at Keepsakes of Love.  We print onto our range of luxury fabrics with your favourite photo. Our luxury fabrics are what makes us unique.

Sure there are plenty of businesses offering what we do out there, but we made a conscious decision to only use the best quality fabrics, that are all machine washable, that will last a lifetime.  Every fabric we offer is soft and tactile making them the perfect snuggling Keepsake.

Our personalised pet photo cushions & pillows online are stylish and are of the highest quality.  If you are after the perfect gift for someone that has everything, look no further.  Personalised gifts mean so much more, so to be on the receiving end of a personalised photo pillow brings so much joy and love.  Trust us, we have seen many tears over the journey.

The loss of a pet can devastating.  For children this can be even more distressing.  Our pet photo pillows and cushions offer comfort for when those times are tough.  There is nothing more comforting than cuddling a Keepsake of Love cushion or pillow. A pet loss gift to snuggle during the difficult times.

We are a small business that loves what we do.  This is our passion project.   We are here to help you create the perfect Keepsake photo cushion & pillows in every way.

Keepsakes of Love team x

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Why choose us for your Pet loss gift Australia | Pet photo pillows and cushions Australia

At Keepsakes of Love we offer high quality photo cushions and pillows that are luxurious to the touch and perfect for cuddling. They are stylish.  We have on offer lots of beautiful colours and different fabric options.  We have selected only the best of the best when it comes to our fabrics.

Other businesses will offer you fast delivery.  They will offer you cheaper prices.  There is nothing truer than you get what you pay for.  Don’t waste your money on an inferior product.  Do you want something that you will get a kick out of for a few weeks?  Or do you want a Keepsake.  A precious treasured moment that is stylish and will last forever.  Do you want a pet photo pillow or cushion that is soft to touch?  Do you want one that is perfect for snuggling?  That is what you get when you purchase from Keepsakes of Love.

Personalised Photo Pillows and Cushions for Pet Loss

There is nothing more devastating than losing a pet.  They are our best friends.  They are part of the family.  For children this can be even more distressing.  Our pet photo pillows and cushions offer comfort for when those times are tough.  There is nothing more comforting than cuddling a Keepsake of Love cushion or pillow.

You can wash your Keepsake as many times as you want and the photo will never fade.  That is why we are the best.  Yes you can buy something cheaper but why would you?  Don’t you want the best that is out there?

Please call us today so we can help to create your perfect personalised photo pillow or cushion.   We pride ourselves on the quality that we provide.  Creating these Keepsakes is our passion.  We love what joy these personalised photo pillow and cushions bring to our clients.

Personalised Photo Pillows and Cushions Australia for Gifts

We all have friends and family in our lives that have everything!  They are so hard to buy for.  The stress of coming up with a new idea year after year.  Well we have the perfect solution!  The perfect gift idea for a loved one that has everything.  A Keepsake photo pillow or photo cushion that will look great on your bed.  Even on your couch.

As we create stylish and high quality photo pillows and photo cushions, this will be a well loved and treasured gift.  Not a cheap and junky gift.  Beautiful pet loss gift Australia.

Pet Photography Pet Portraits Australia

We have so many talented and compassionate pet photographers in Australia.  They do such a wonderful job in capturing the true essence of our love for our pets and our pets love for us.  Nothing says unconditional love more than the love between pets and their owners.

You obviously love your pet more than words.  We offer a tactile way to showcase your beautiful photos in all their glory.  Being able to touch them, snuggle them, kiss them, talk to them.  You have such a stunning array of photos to choose from and that can be so difficult.  Choosing some to display your pet photography pet portraits on canvas and then some on Keepsake pet photo cushions and pillows means not having to narrow down your selection too much.  You can enjoy those delightful images in different rooms of the house.  Cushions on your sofa or couch.  Pillows on your bed.  The choices are endless.

Aged Care Australia

Leaving your own home and entering an aged care home isn’t an easy decision and it can be devastating leaving precious pets behind. Our Keepsakes of pet photo cushions and pillows can help with this transition so it doesn’t have to be such a sad and stressful moment for your loved ones.

Because we use beautiful tactile fabrics they are calming and soothing.  Knowing that your loved one has their very own Keepsake to look at and snuggle brings some comfort.  Why not do one of the family too.

Psychological therapies for Dementia

Dementia affects around 1 in 15 Australians aged 65 and over.  Certain ways of talking may help people with dementia feel supported and may build trust.   The below is copied from the website which offers wonderful support and knowledge on this terrible condition.

  • Validation therapy — Instead of challenging their reality, build empathy by speaking to their feelings. For example, if a person with dementia is waiting for a spouse — now deceased — to return from work, acknowledge and empathise with their feelings.
  • Music therapy — People with dementia often remember old familiar songs, tunes that unlock memories and feelings.
  • Reminiscing — Remembering past events (e.g. reading an old letter, looking at childhood photographs) can trigger positive memories and feelings, even if a person can no longer speak. A visual diary or ‘This is Your Life’ book can offer pleasure and pride for a person who feels confused about the present.

We have many clients that have reported that creating a Keepsake photo cushion or pillow has helped to trigger positive memories for their loved ones suffering from this condition.   The joy that is shown on their loved ones faces as they snuggle and talk to their precious family or stroke the photo of a much loved pet.  We have the Cuban Collection which is the softest in our range and is the most tactile of the fabric ranges.  All of our fabrics are machine washable and the image is digitally printed so will never fade.

Creating these personalised photo pillows and cushions is our passion.  We treat the creation with as much love and care as you would.  We are here to help guide you through this purchase and will ensure that your Keepsake is perfect in every way.

The Keepsakes of Love team x