Custom Pet Photo Pillows and Cushions

Custom Pet Photo Pillows and Cushions of your beloved pet in all their glory, printed on the other side of these Keepsake options.


Any photo of your choice can be printed.  From photos of pets, family, all celebrations including weddings, engagements, Christmas, birthdays, anything you can possibly think of!

Our fabrics are all machine washable

What sets us apart from other businesses offering a similar way to treasure our beloved memories?  We understand quality.  We are about offering a stylish yet personal way to celebrate the love you have for your loved ones.  Our selection of fabrics are the best of the best, that are soft to the touch and will envelop you in oodles of love.  We guarantee that your Keepsake cushion or pillowcase of your beloved pet or treasured memory will last an eternity, just as you want it too.

There are plenty of businesses offering what we do out there. But we made a conscious decision to only use the best quality fabrics.  Fabrics that are all machine washable, that will last a lifetime.  Every fabric we offer is soft and tactile making them the perfect snuggling Keepsake.

Our personalised photo cushions & pillows online are stylish and are of the highest quality.  If you are after the perfect gift for someone that has everything, look no further.  Personalised gifts mean so much more, so to be on the receiving end of a personalised photo pillow brings so much joy and love.  Trust us, we have seen many tears over the journey.

As a small business that loves what we do we are here to help you create the perfect Keepsake photo cushion & pillows in every way. This is our passion project and we will treat the creation of your Keepsake like it was our very own,

Keepsakes of Love team x

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