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We are Graham and Evie the CEO’s of Keepsakes of Love.  Clearly we are the love of our Mum’s life!  She has chosen only the best of the best fabrics in which to treasure us on.  She tells us everyday that we are not to leave her!


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We are the CEO’s of Keepsakes of Love.  Print your Pet Australia Cushions and Pillow cases | Keepsakes of Love

We are Graham and Evie the love of our Mummy’s life!   She has chosen only the best of the best fabrics in which to treasure us on.  She tells us everyday that we are never to leave her, so we won’t!

Quality Custom Pet Photo Cushions – when only the best will do.


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We have so many talented and compassionate pet photographers in Australia.  They do such a wonderful job in capturing the true essence of our love for our pets and our pets love for us.  Nothing says unconditional love more than the love between pets and their owners.

You obviously love your pet more than words.  We offer a tactile way to showcase your beautiful photos in all their glory.  Being able to touch them, snuggle them, kiss them, talk to them.  You have such a stunning array of photos to choose from and that can be so difficult.  Choosing some to display your pet photography pet portraits on canvas and then some on Keepsake pet photo cushions and pillows means not having to narrow down your selection too much.  You can enjoy those delightful images in different rooms of the house.  Cushions on your sofa or couch.  Pillows on your bed.  The choices are endless

Why choose us for your custom pet photo Keepsakes Australia

At Keepsakes of Love we offer high quality photo cushions and pillows that are luxurious to the touch and perfect for cuddling. They are stylish.  We have on offer lots of beautiful colours and different fabric options.  We have selected only the best of the best when it comes to our fabrics.

Other businesses will offer you fast delivery.  They will offer you cheaper prices.  There is nothing truer than you get what you pay for.  Don’t waste your money on an inferior product.  Do you want something that you will get a kick out of for a few weeks?  Or do you want a Keepsake.  A precious treasured moment that is stylish and will last forever.  Do you want a personalised photo pillow or cushion that is soft to touch?  Do you want one that is perfect for snuggling?  That is what you get when you purchase from Keepsakes of Love.