About Us

We are an Australian brand based in Melbourne.  We have created a stylish yet personal way to keep the memories of your pet and loved ones be with you always.

The brand was created by Gaylene, the Mum of two beloved pugs, Graham and Evie.  Having to travel for work it was never easy saying goodbye to her babies.  You know that feeling.  I’ll be home soon.  Be good.  I won’t be long.  Be good puppies.  You get the gist!

Sitting in an airport one night, the flight delayed, she thought about her pups and wished she was cuddling them at that very moment.  It was from the homesickness and love of her dogs that she came up with the idea.  She knew that there were lots of businesses offering similar products however her point of difference would be the use of beautiful and luxurious quality fabrics.  Not only would these fabrics look amazing in any home, they would also make the perfect snuggling companion.

And so begun Keepsakes of Love. It started with a pillowcase that she packed each time she went away.  Kisses and cuddles every night no matter where she was in the world!  Today our range of fabrics are lush and as soft as velvet making the Keepsake of your choice perfect for cuddling up to.  The beauty is that they are stylish and can be as unobtrusive as you want.  No one has to know what is hiding behind your gorgeous Keepsake cushion or pillowcase!

Whether it’s for yourself or for a special someone as an unforgettable gift, you can customise a beautiful Keepsake to treasure your special memory.

Make your memories last even longer, or give a present filled with love, with Keepsakes of Love.


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